Valhalla & Folkvangr

The doorways are so broad that through each massive doorway, 800 warriors may walk side by side. The roof is covered with gold shields, and the walls round Valhalla are created from wooden spear shafts. This is where half of the Vikings who’d died in a struggle would come due to their afterlife.

In the day they’ll come home to Valhalla and sit and drink and eat. After the cook Andhrimnir cut steaks out of the face of the pig Saehrimnir”A giant pig” that isn’t a regular pig but a magic pig. It’ll grow back instantly.
Another half of those Vikings are awarded to the Goddess Freya; she consistently gets the initial choice from each dead warrior. Every morning that the Vikings at Valhalla will take their weapons and wear their armor and walk out into the huge plantations in Asgard and struggle. Because when the dinner at the day came they would be restored to normal.
There’s also a goat called Heidrun, it is standing on the roof of Valhalla, and eats from the branches of this tree of existence Yggdrasil. Even though from its udder unlocks a great deal of meaddown to a massive bath, large enough to make everybody in Valhalla drunk daily.