Who are the dwarves?

The dwarves reside in the hills down deep in the dark underground, at a spot named Svartalfheim also called Niðavellir. Their house might seem like Moria (also referred to as Khazad-dûm from”The Lord of the Rings, the writer J.R.R.Tolkien was quite motivated by Norse mythology in a number of his writings).

The dwarves are famous for being some of the finest blacksmiths, not only do they have natural skills to craft jewelry and weapons. A few of the dwarves also have magic powers that they use to incorporate exceptional abilities to their creations. The dwarves simply love uncommon metals and decorations so that they spend a good deal of their time digging from the hills for more. The dwarves are so good warriors, that they’ve created a few of the very known artifacts for its Gods and Goddesses at Asgard.